Mangiferin plus anti-inflammatory
Mangiferin plus anti-inflammatory
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Mangiferin Plus

Mangiferin PlusTM - a therapeutic response to inflammation.

Inflammation is our body's natural response to injury or infection. Inflammasomes are activated as part of the body's natural anti-inflammatory response and work to repair the affected tissue. While short term, or acute, inflammation is our body taking care of itself, failure of the inflammasomes to restore the tissue can lead to chronic inflammation. This long term inflammation is responsible for many inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders and auto-inflammatory immune disorders. 

The proprietary CycloferinTM extract in this product is unique in how it responds to inflammation. By inactivating harmful type inflammasomes, Mangiferin PlusTM works together with your body to respond therapeutically to inflammation. With no side effects, this product is a safe alternative supplement for those suffering from inflammation but affected by the side effects of chemical based anti-inflammatory drugs. 

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