Chronic wound repair for natural healing
Chronic wound repair for natural healing
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Chronic Wound Repair

Chronic wound repair - healing from within.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, which impairs our body’s ability to heal wounds with the same efficiency as it did when we were younger. Additionally, if you suffer from diabetes, blood circulation in the body slows down, allowing less oxygen to reach the wound and the tissues. This means that wounds will heal much slower and sometimes not at all. 

The main feature of diabetes is hyperglycemia, which is caused by disrupted glucose levels. Hyperglycemic conditions in the body cause collagen (the protein that provides your skin with structure and supports connective tissue) to degenerate. This also happens when we age. The lack of this important protein makes wound healing increasingly difficult for the body. 

The use of CycloferinTM in this product formulation has the ability to help repair tissue specifically under hyperglycemic conditions. By lowering blood glucose, it causes a lowered inflammatory response to hyperglycemia and increases antioxidant activity in your body. 

This product is developed in capsule form to promote wound healing by interacting indirectly with the wound tissue.  This is because certain ointments that are applied directly to the wound have been linked to allergic reactions in people who have diabetes, known as contact dermatitis. CycloferinTM may be a better alternative if you suffer from side effects while using chemical medication, and are seeking a more natural way to care for yourself and your wounds. 

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