About Repair by Nature

Repair from within

Repair by Nature is a brand of natural plant-based supplements designed to treat age related disorders. 

Our story begins in the Langkloof Mountain region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, where the Cyclopia (Honeybush) grows naturally.

Honeybush tea plantHoneybush has a long history as a trusted traditional medicine and herbal tea in Africa.  As research and documentation of phytoceuticals has gained prominence, and traditional plant-based medicines became acceptable alternatives in western society, we knew Honeybush had a unique role to play in the treatment of age and lifestyle related disorders — particularly those in which inflammation has an underlying causational role. 

The leaves of the Honeybush plant have an exceptionally high concentration of the polyphenol isotopes mangiferin, iso-mangiferin and hesperin.  The combination of these polyphenols provides a potent antioxidant, capable of preserving and protecting the body against cellular damage.  Through a process of  isolation and purification of these bioactive compounds, the proprietary extract CycloferinTM was developed.  This proprietary extract forms the basic ingredient of our range of skin and body care products. 

With a focus on the treatment of inflammation, skin aging, and chronic wound healing, our careful formulation and design is underpinned by a dedication to help people everywhere age better.