Repair by Nature’s Bioactive Compound

CycloferinTM: Repair by Nature’s Bioactive Compound

Repair by nature’s story begins in the Langkloof Mountain region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, where the CyclopiaTM genus, or Honeybush, grows naturally and is now also under cultivation.  One of the few flowering plants in the legume family, CyclopiaTM has a long history as a trusted herbal tea and natural medicine in Africa. 

African traditional medicine is the oldest, and perhaps the most assorted, of all therapeutic systems.  Considered to be the cradle of mankind, Africa has a rich biological and cultural diversity marked by regional differences in healing practices.  Uniting these practices, however, is a holistic approach to health and a dedication to healing the body naturally.  The most common traditional medicine across the African continent is the use of medicinal plants.  Blessed with enormous biodiversity resources and thousands of species of plants, botanicals have been an important part of evolution as a natural way of surviving in Africa’s often hostile environment.

South African Honeybush is a remarkable feature amongst Africa’s medicinal plants.  Its popularity as a botanical is largely due to the uniquely high concentration of polyphenol mangiferin, iso - mangiferin and hesperidin present in its leaves. 

The combination of these bioactive compounds gives the Honeybush plant potent antioxidant properties that act as protection against chronic disorders and cellular damage.  To extract these compounds from the plant and create something our bodies can absorb, Repair by Nature developed CycloferinTM, a concentrated product that delivers the benefits of Honeybush in a capsule formulation.  To do this, the leaves from the plant are sustainably harvested and processed into tea. This tea, with exceptionally high levels of mangiferin and hesperidin, is then isolated and purified in our partner laboratory to form our proprietary extracts Mangiferin PlusTM and CycloferinTM.  These proprietary extracts form the basic ingredients of our range of focused skin and body care and repair products. 

The result are products targeted at age related disorders, including collagen skin repair, an anti-inflammatory, and a wound healing product formulated for diabetics. With ingredients sourced ethically and entirely from nature, each product is specifically developed to provide people with a healthier and effective way to treat these concerns. 

The safety and dependability of these products makes the natural approach a desirable alternative with no side effects, particularly for long-term treatment.  With powerful active ingredients ensuring the efficacy of the Repair by Nature range, these CycloferinTM based phytopharmaceuticals are our first step towards offering natural therapeutics designed for a healthier life at every age. 

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